Meet the Arctic Unmanned team


“Our vision is to be the preferred All-in-One Drone Services Solution in the Arctic,” said Mads Petersen, Founder of Arctic Unmanned.

Arctic Unmanned, formerly known as, underwent a rebranding process in late 2021.

Our mission is to enhance our contributions to Arctic exploration, particularly in the mining industry.

Prior to that, since 2016, we have actively educated and supported Greenlandic operators in drone solutions.

Arctic Unmanned team are:

Erik Christensen (

Erik holds a Category 2 License for UAVs up to 25 kg in Greenland Airspace. He also possesses EU-Certificate A1/A3 and A2 assignments. With extensive experience in 3D modeling and drone system redevelopment, Erik has contributed to the training of new drone pilots in Greenland for the past years. He is proficient in Greenlandic, Danish, and English.

Mads Petersen: (
Mads have Category 2 License, UAV up to 25 kg. He, too, has the EU-Certificate with A1/A3 and A2 assignments. Mads founded in 2016 and has a background as an AFIS-Officer with extensive experience in Greenland and Denmark. Additionally, he holds a PPL A pilot license and has considerable expertise in administrative tasks, project leadership, and travel coordination. Mads has been instrumental in training new drone pilots in Greenland since 2016, providing courses in Greenlandic and Danish. He is fluent in Greenlandic, Danish, and English.

Sune Stüker Hansen (
Sune is an external partner and freelance pilot at Arctic Unmanned. He possesses a Category 2 License, as well as the EU-Certificate A1/A3 and A2 assignments. With several years of UAV piloting experience, Sune contributes to various projects in Greenland and Denmark. He is fluent in Danish and English.

Mircea Bogdan Bumb (
Bogdan is an external partner and freelance surveyor at Arctic Unmanned – which we use as Chief Surveyor. Bogdan possesses a great ability to make our 3D Scannings and visualizations. He have several years of UAV piloting experience as well besides being an expert in surveying in different manners. Bogdan originates from Romania and speaks English and Romanian.

Our team has extensive experience in administration processes within unmanned aviation, technological innovation, operational support, and the education of new drone pilots.

Arctic Unmanned holds the following:

  • General Exemption from the Danish Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly UAVs in Greenland up to 25kg.
  • Insurance that meets the requirements in BL 9-4 and AIC B 08/14.
  • Knowledge of the Special Approval to fly 400m Above Ground Level (AGL) in Greenland.