Predefined Airspace in Greenland – BGSF R01

Arctic Unmanned have in cooperation with Municipality of Qeqqata (Qeqqata Kommunia) applied for an airspace east of Kangerlussuaq. The area is appointed as best possible testing facility in Kangerlussuaq. Besides that, the height could be topping af 2300FT which is below the RNP procedures for RWY27 for Kangerlussuaq Airport. This ensures that we can offer […]

Another Seabed Mapping task done!

In July 2023, Kalaallit Airports Group contacted us with an urgent request to conduct seabed mapping of a large lake located north of the new Domestic Airport in Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland. Responding swiftly, our Technical Manager, Erik Christensen, flew to Copenhagen and then to Qaqortoq within 5 hours’ notice. He successfully completed the seabed mapping […]

Nordic Drones OY Dealership Agreement!

Firstly, we are proud to announce that we have signed dealership agreement with Nordic Drones Oy regarding their fantastic product-lines: SKYDRONE7 – NEW DRONE PERFORMANCE FOR MILITARY AND SECURITY NEEDS Some keynotes about the SKYDRONE7:* High Data Security* Inspected and approved by the Finnish authorities The SKYDRONE7 is military-grade drone with up to 74 minutes of flight […]

See you at DALO Industrydays?

We are attending DALO Industrydays in Ballerup Copenhagen, August 23-24 2023. Additionally we will show Lifeseeker from Centum Research & Technologies and show a new drone that will be launched in Autumn 2023! Lastly: Stay tuned!

Kangerlussuaq Harbour Bathymetry

Job Completed: Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S Bathymetry We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the bathymetry survey for Sikuki Nuuk Harbour A/S in Kangerlussuaq last week. Erik Christensen executed the project immediately after the solid ice melted, providing us with unrestricted access to the harbor. Between June and December, the harbor in Kangerlussuaq remains free of […]

Defence Event in Nuuk completed

Exciting Event! Our colleague, Erik Christensen, recently had the privilege of participating in a highly anticipated 2-day event organized by prestigious entities including the Greenland Business Association, The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, The Danish Ministry of Defence Estate Agency, and the Danish Trade Association for the Defence, Space, and Security. We, […]

Lifeseeker Representative Agreement

We are happy, proud and humble to announce – that we have reached a representative agreement with Scandinavian Avionics A/S for the Lifeseeker by Centum Research and Technology. Lifeseeker abilities are like tailored for Greenlandic and Arctic operations where we operate in remote areas with no 4G/5G/LTE connections. We represent Lifeseeker in the Arctic Region […]

We are attending – CenSec Event in Kolding

May 25th, Mads Petersen and Erik Christensen will participate in the CenSec event in Kolding where businesses will be informed about the opportunities to contribute for the defence technology. The programme is found here:

We are attending – Greenland Business Association Event in Nuuk

June 12th and 13th – we are attending in Nuuk, where Greenland Business Association and DALO (The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation) arranges an event to include and inform Greenlandic businesses to be involved in the acquisitions in the future. Our Technical Manager, Erik Christensen will participate in favor of Arctic Unmanned. […]

Drone Course in Nuuk

We have setup a new drone dispensation course in Nuuk which will be held February 28th and March 1st. If you would like to participate, dont hesitate to contact us at