We are attending – CenSec Event in Kolding

May 25th, Mads Petersen and Erik Christensen will participate in the CenSec event in Kolding where businesses will be informed about the opportunities to contribute for the defence technology. The programme is found here: https://censec.dk/blog/events/25-5-2023-informationsarrangement-om-den-europaeiske-forsvarsfond-kolding/?doing_wp_cron=1684509607.7883639335632324218750

We are attending – Greenland Business Association Event in Nuuk

June 12th and 13th – we are attending in Nuuk, where Greenland Business Association and DALO (The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation) arranges an event to include and inform Greenlandic businesses to be involved in the acquisitions in the future. Our Technical Manager, Erik Christensen will participate in favor of Arctic Unmanned. […]

Drone Course in Nuuk

We have setup a new drone dispensation course in Nuuk which will be held February 28th and March 1st. If you would like to participate, dont hesitate to contact us at info@arctic-unmanned.com

Moriusaq 3D

Moriusaq 3D compiles Our technical manager, Erik – have made some trial compilation of Moriusaq area. Sune did the piloting with a Matrice 300 RTK with P1 camera, where we assisted a mining company with the precision mapping of an area far North Greenland. Erik have compiled 3,8 gigapixels 3D mapping with a precision as […]

WindEnergy Hamburg 2022

Arctic Unmanned was represented by Erik Christensen and Sune Stüker Hansen in the WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 fare. We have established some numbers of interested Wind Turbine operators in Scandinavia. Since we are partnering up with Blade Inspectors US we are thrilled to announce that we will be able to offer innovative blade inspection tool called […]

Survey in Qaqortoq

We have been in Qaqortoq and made some trial survey for Pennecon Heavy Civil who have the contract to build the new airport in Qaqortoq. Our pilot Erik have done some trials with Mavic 3 Pro, took around 2200 pictures which is being processed by Erik him selves. The outcome on the non-precision data was […]

We are done in North Greenland

We are happy to announce that our project in North Greenland is now done. #JobDone #HappyCustomer #NextChallengePlease Sune have helped Merrett Survey to survey around 40km2 surface area, where we also facilitated to get a special permit to fly more than 100m AGL. The processing of data is now ongoing and we are hoping that […]

North Greenland

We are happy to inform you, that Arctic Unmanned have been appointed as UAV pilot operator in North Greenland. #Mapping #NorthGreenland #Thule #SpecialPermission The project starts in North Greenland in the beginning of August 2022. We will support a survey company to piloting M300 with payload with flying height at or below 400m AGL. We […]


Welcome to Arctic Unmanned website. Due to our change of name from dronepilot.gl we are still working on our new website. Please be patient since we have several projects ongoing in Greenland we have lack of time to make the website. If you have some questions – please contact us at info@arctic-unmanned.com. #Rebranding #Greenland #Drone […]