Another Seabed Mapping task done!

In July 2023, Kalaallit Airports Group contacted us with an urgent request to conduct seabed mapping of a large lake located north of the new Domestic Airport in Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland.

Responding swiftly, our Technical Manager, Erik Christensen, flew to Copenhagen and then to Qaqortoq within 5 hours’ notice. He successfully completed the seabed mapping for Kalaallit Airports Group.

Within just one week, we provided our customer with comprehensive data, including:

  • Depth analysis
  • Projected data for 2D applications
  • Simulated depths
  • Estimated water volumes in the area
  • Outputs in GeoTIFF formats
  • And more.

For any urgent or planned seabed mapping needs, feel free to contact us at