Due to signed NDAs some of our projects are not included in our list, but we can ensure you that we have helped in many projects, such as:

  • Piloting M300 for mining survey companies in Greenland with the use of our own General Exemption to fly UAV in Greenland.
  • Our Technical Manager Erik Christensen have made R&D on Seabed Mapping capabilities with great succes. The output from the work have been acknowledged by our increasing amount of customers.
  • Consulting, application of special permits for flying over 100m AGL for mining companies and survey companies.
  • Delivering instructors and being instructors for drone courses in Greenland for both private and public sectors. Police, Government, Educational Institutes, Fire and Rescue, Entrepreneurs, Architects, Nature Institute, Film-makers and Harbour Facility owners are some of our valued customers.
  • Acute Inspection of power-lines for Greenland Energy.
  • General inspection of power-lines and towers in South Greenland were our General Exemption to fly UAV in Greenland was used.
  • Travel Fixing, piloting and helping as First Aider for Animal Planet and Discovery for the “Fish or Die” project for fishermen, film crew and guides. Supporting with local agreements with operators in Greenland, planning and executing boat and onshore transportation.
  • Being a member of Arctic Space Partnership.
  • Our Operation Manual are also accepted for Offshore Industry standards.
  • General Marketing support with photo and film materials.
  • Sparring Partner for guidelines to UAV pilots in Greenland and foreign citizen, eg. tourists.
  • Piloting for BBC projects hereunder “Greta Thunberg” in Copenhagen, close proximity to column 3 work areas.
  • Arctic Unmanned are the primary contact for BBC for Travel Fixing in Greenland and Denmark.

We have a good 3-man group with several thousands of piloting experience and technical support are one of our core values.

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