Lifeseeker by Centum

We have reached a representative agreement with Scandinavian Avionics A/S from Billund regarding the Lifeseeker – The Airborne Phone Location System by Centum Research & Technology.


Likeseeker is based on a simple premise: Mobile phones are the most extended beacons in the world. Mobile communication technologies have had an enormous social impact in recent years and mostly everyone owns a mobile phone. Lifeseeker takes advantage of this and turns these widely used devices into emergency beacons capable of leading rescue teams to the exact location.

This system allows rescue teams during SAR operations to communicate with the missing person – without the victim taking any action. This way, the rescue team will be able to quickly access important information such as the state of the victim or if there are immediate medical needs.


Lifeseeker is an airborne mission system for SAR, capable of accurately locating missing persons through their mobile phones – even in areas with no network coverage and under adverse weather conditions. It can be used on both manned (planes and helicopters) and unmanned aerial platforms (UAVs/drones).

This device turns phones into emergency beacons that quickly guide Search and Rescue teams to the exact location of the missing person. Lifeseeker maximizes missions in which every second counts by efficiently locating the person in need.


Lifeseeker is an airborne mission system for planes, helicopters and UAVs/drones that can make a big difference in any rescue team. It allows to perform search and rescue missions even under low or no visibility conditions, including night flights. This innovative technology also helps reduce sweep time during SAR operations and requires less manpower, optimizing operational costs.


  • Lifeseeker Mini for Drones
  • Lifeseeker SAR series for Helicopters
  • Lifeseeker SAR XL series for Airplanes


  • High accuracy geolocation thanks to a proprietary algorithm
  • Works in all network conditions: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (NSA) and no signal areas
  • Requires no collaboration of the missing person nor the network providers
  • SMS and voice call communications with the person in need are available
  • Works with all mobile phones and doesn’t require any APP
  • Works as a standalone system or fully integrated in a mission system
  • Provides tools for training and debriefingAlready in operation in civil and military end-user platforms
  • User-friendly interface that maximizes user experience
  • DO-160 qualification for fixed-wing and helicopter models


For more information, follow the link:

Lifeseeker in the Arctic is represented by Arctic Unmanned with close cooperation agreement with Scandinavian Avionics A/S Denmark.