Predefined Airspace in Greenland – BGSF R01

Arctic Unmanned have in cooperation with Municipality of Qeqqata (Qeqqata Kommunia) applied for an airspace east of Kangerlussuaq.

The area is appointed as best possible testing facility in Kangerlussuaq.

  • Easy Access from town due to road to the area
  • More than 200km2 testing area, suitable for heavy lift drone operations and BVLOS operations
  • Close to Greenland Ice Cap
  • In perfect conditions, testing UAS down to -40 or -50 degree Celsius in controlled airspace
  • Rich of Wildlife: Reindeer and Muskox for testing AI-based payloads

Besides that, the height could be topping af 2300FT which is below the RNP procedures for RWY27 for Kangerlussuaq Airport.

This ensures that we can offer an area, totally free of interference with manned aviation.

The Application Progress

Arctic Unmanned have extensive experience to apply for special permissions to fly in Greenland and have already submitted the initial application for the formal approval from Danish CAA, Trafikstyrelsen.

  1. Coordination Meeting with Danish CAA to ensure the right formal procedure, September 2023
  2. Formal Application, sent in September 2023
  3. Coordination Meeting with Danish CAA ATM, September 2023
  4. NaviAir draw our upcoming airspace, September/October 2023
  5. Hearing Process, October 2023
  6. Approval, Pending – we expect to wait until November 2023

Needed documents

To be able to apply for an airspace, the Danish CAA requires operators to be approved operators.

Since Greenland is not a part of the EU legislation, another process are needed to become approved operator in Greenland, acc. BL 9-4, AIC B 08/14 and AIC B 13/18.

Those requirements have Arctic Unmanned obtained and have valid approvals until end 2025.